At Hayes we have a flail mower to suit all your needs from our Medium Duty Flails suitable for tractors as small as 20hp through to our Premium range which are suitable for tractors up to 130hp.

In recent years, our tractor PTO flail mowers (also known as mulching mowers or tractor mulchers) have become increasingly popular because of the way they mulch up grass and sticks instead of leaving windrows, not only does this leave a much cleaner looking paddock it also assists with the health of the pasture.

Our Heavy Duty and Premium tractor flails are also capable of clearing scrub and nuisances such Tea Tree saplings, Gorse, Sifton, Blackberry etc. as well as mulching up smaller fallen branches and the like. For orchards and vineyards Flails have long been used to mulch clippings after pruning.

Additionally, the neat finish allows the Flail Mower to be used in areas that may have previously required a Finishing Mower as a slasher could not produce a clean and tidy finish.

For smaller tractors or in steeper areas flail mowers also have the advantage of the load centre being closer to the back of the tractor and therefore are less likely to cause weightlessness in the front wheels of the tractor (When compared to a Slasher).

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Premium EHD

Premium HD


The ideal Flail Mower for larger acreage properties and/or when conditions are frequently heavy going

Heavy Duty

A sturdy Flail Mower suitable for medium size acreage and/or where conditions may be heavy going