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With grader blades to suit tractors from 15hp - 100hp Hayes have a blade to suit your needs. For extra durability each model has reinforcement behind the mould board and features replaceable and reversible high carbon steel cutting edges. All our grader blades have both swing and tilt adjustments for versatility.  


The ideal Flail Mower for larger acreage properties and/or when conditions are frequently heavy going

Heavy Duty

Our most popular Slasher suitable for larger acreage properties and/or when conditions are frequently heavy going

Single Tine

Medium Duty

Gravity Feed

A simple, reliable and cost effective option  

Extra heavy duty with hydraulic assist

The downward pressure produced by the hydraulic assist drives the auger into the soil making it ideal for harder ground  

Three point linkage

Three point linkage


Three point linkage

Carry all

16 Inch

16 inch x 3mm discs running on grease packed castings

Extra heavy duty

Suitable for heavier use on larger tractors


Hayes PTO chippers are a great way of clearing unwanted timber while producing mulch to keep weeds down and increase moisture retention around trees and garden beds. With models suitable for tractors as small as 18hp through to tractors up to 100hp we have a chipper to suit your needs. All our chippers have a heavy gauge body, slip clutch to protect your tractors drive line and hefty flywheels for maximum momentum driving the four cutting blades.

Heavy Duty

Our most popular Flail Mower suitable for medium size acreage and/or where conditions may be heavy going

Medium Duty

A great cost effective option for smaller acreage properties where the Slasher is not required for heavy use

Pipe Layer

Grader with Rippers

Heavy duty

The oversized RHS boom and a-frame provides additional strength for heavier work  



Three point linkage

4 in 1 bucket

Heavy duty

Our most popular Rotary Hoe suitable for heavier use  

22 Inch

22 inch x 6mm discs running on greasable bearings


Hayes carry alls are ideal for transporting square bales, animal feed, firewood, fencing supplies, spray equipment and many other things around your property.

Medium Duty

A great cost effective option for smaller acreage properties where the flail mower is not required for heavy use

Multi Tine

Super Heavy Duty

Medium duty

A simple, reliable and cost effective option  

Euro hitch

Medium duty

A great cost effective options ideal for when the rotary hoe is not needed for heavy use  


Hayes rippers are perfect for breaking up compacted soil as well as removing roots, stumps and rocks from paddocks prior to cultivation. Our rippers with the pipe layer attachment also allow you to lay Poly Pipe for irrigation etc. All our rippers come with replaceable hardened steel cutting teeth.


Hayes box blade scrapers are ideal for tidying up gravel driveways as they accumulate loose material which then fills pot holes and ruts as it passes over them. They can also be used for spreading out top soils or driveway toppings etc. as well as levelling off surfaces.


The Hayes 3 Point Linkage Pallet Forks are an extremely handy implement. Converting the back of your tractor into a basic forklift.


For years now Hayes Tractor Slashers have been proven to stand up to the rugged Australian conditions. The combination of our robust decks along with our reliable gearboxes provides maintenance free operation over the long-term. With Slashers suitable for tractors ranging from 15hp up to 80hp we have a Slasher to suit your needs. When purchasing from Hayes you can also be confident knowing the product is backed by our after sales support, technical knowledge and stock of consumables and spare parts.


Hayes PTO driven post hole diggers are ideal for many jobs around rural properties including fencing, retaining walls, footing stumps and tree planting. With our robust boom arms, reliable gearboxes and replaceable auger teeth your Hayes tractor post hole digger will give you many years of service. Our augers range in size from 6 to 18 inches, if you would prefer a different size auger to the ones listed with the post hole diggers you can simply deduct the price of the default auger and add the price of the auger required.


The Hayes tractor stick rake is ideal for cleaning up around the property. Often used on driveways, parking lots, horse exercise yards or in the paddocks the tractor landscape rake is guaranteed to get plenty of use. They can also be used for levelling, spreading top soil or gravel.


3 Point Tractor Dirt Scoops are a must if you don't have a front end loader. Great design and can be mounted forward or backwards with quick release leaver for easy dumping.  


The Hayes tractor Pasture Harrows are a great way to rejuvenate pastures, scarifying the soil, pulling out weeds and moss stimulating grass growth the natural way reducing the need for expensive fertilizers.  


We generally have consumables and commonly required parts available for all our implements. To ensure we supply the correct parts please provide us with your invoice number or the name the implement was purchased under. We only supply spare parts for our implements. We understand other equipment or parts may appear to look similar to ours however, there will usually be some variable that is different so they won’t fit (Please do not ask staff to measure up items). We would strongly encourage customers to purchase their equipment from reputable suppliers that support their products.


Our finishing mowers give a nice clean cut and won’t leave marks like a Slasher as they run on wheels. This makes them perfect for maintaining lawn around features of the property such as the residence, driveways, vineyards, etc (For rougher paddocks a flail mower or slasher should be used).


Our ATV implements are ideal for smaller properties or for areas where it is not practical to use a tractor. All of our ATV implements are built to the same quality and standard as our tractor implements.


Hayes heavy duty rotary hoes are perfect for preparing paddocks to plant pasture or crops while the medium duty rotary hoes are great for smaller areas such as the vegie garden. All our rotary hoes have adjustable skids that allow for depth control, trailing doors for soil levelling, hardened steel blades, sturdy decks and the gearboxes are backed by our 2 year gearbox warranty.


The Hayes tractor jib cranes are a necessity around the farm.
Whether you are lifting other implements off your trailer or moving anything around the shed or farm, a lifting jib will save your back and become an implement you can’t live without.



At Hayes we have a flail mower to suit all your needs from our Medium Duty Flails suitable for tractors as small as 15hp through to our Premium range which are suitable for tractors up to 100hp. In recent years, our tractor PTO flail mowers (also known as mulching mowers or tractor mulchers) have become increasingly popular because of the way they mulch up grass and sticks instead of leaving windrows, not only does this leave a much cleaner looking paddock it also assists with the health of the pasture. Our Heavy Duty and Premium tractor flails are also capable of clearing scrub and nuisances such Tea Tree saplings, Gorse, Sifton, Blackberry etc. as well as mulching up smaller fallen branches and the like. For orchards and vineyards Flails have long been used to mulch clippings after pruning. Additionally, the neat finish allows the Flail Mower to be used in areas that may have previously required a Finishing Mower as a slasher could not produce a clean and tidy finish. For smaller tractors or in steeper areas flail mowers also have the advantage of the load centre being closer to the back of the tractor and therefore are less likely to cause weightlessness in the front wheels of the tractor (When compared to a Slasher).


Hayes disc harrows are perfect for rejuvenating previously worked paddocks in preparation for planting. Our disc harrows will assist in breaking up soil clumps and compacted soil, turn in weeds or crop remains and even mix in soil additives if required.




The Hayes smudge bars can be used for many jobs including levelling gravel drive ways, levelling and spreading soil and much more.  




Hayes tractor backhoes attach to the three point linkage making them easy to remove and allowing other 3PL attachments to be used as required. They also use their own hydraulic system powered by the PTO so there is no need for hydraulic remotes on the tractor. With a long and deep reach, 180 degree boom swivel, precision control valves, oversized booms and solid digging force the Hayes 3PL backhoe is perfect for all those jobs you may have otherwise had to pay a contractor to do.